vCalc is available at no cost to select Viking clients. vCalc can be used as a standalone desktop application or directly integrated into the Revit® environment. Once a user is authorized the program is available through the normal vDesign installer.

At this time the program is only available in the Americas. As this availability changes notifications will be sent to registered users.

General Features

  • Fully customizable component database with support for flex pipes, pipe schedules, EQL based components, curve based components, and pumps
  • Supports multiple design areas, standpipe calculations, demand / supply calculations, and more!
  • Bulk edit capabilities allow quick revisions of sizing, lengths, pipe schedules, and elevations
  • Supports both shift based auto-peaking (typical spacing distances) as well as shifting between real sprinklers (useful when dealing with fully drawn pipe networks such as in Revit)
  • Realtime calculations offer updated results as your inputs change.

vCalc Desktop

  • Available as a standalone desktop application - Revit® not required
  • Leverage the Pipe / System Generator to quickly generate a typical tree, grid, or loop system with full control over sizing, spacing, and more.
  • Utilize the 3D Viewer to interactively design, review, and modify your system.

vCalc for Revit® Integration – Viking Analysis

  • New Viking Analysis tab allows you to quickly calculate an existing Revit® pipe system.
  • 3 easy steps to calculate - set your supply, choose your design area(s), extract your pipe network - and your calculations are complete!
  • Fully compatible with the desktop version of the program.