Revit Tools

cuts and coupling tools

How To: Use Cuts and Couplings

Learn the features for our pipe tools.
Connect Pipe

How To: Connect Sprinklers Directly to a Pipe

Connect sprinklers to a pipe quickly.
Dry Barrel Head in Revit

How to: Count Dry Barrel Sprinkler Head Guards in Revit

Learn how to calculate dry barrel head guards.
Viking and Revit tools for managing sprinkler legend

Create a Custom Sprinkler Head Legend

Learn how to customize your sprinkler legend
Viking tools for Revit Symbol management

How To: Create a Custom Symbol

Create your own symbol for your drawing file.
Viking Tools for Revit sprinkler estimator tool

How To: Use the Sprinkler Estimator Tool

Get an estimate for how many sprinklers you need quickly!
Viking Symbol Manager on Revit screen

How To: Manage Sprinkler Symbols

Keep your project organized with the Symbol Manager.
Arm Over Tool used in Vikings Tools for Revit

Overview: Arm Over Tool and Riser Nipple Tool

Learn about the Arm Over Tool and the Riser Nipple Tool.

Revit Families

Vikings Revit tools shows off loading a model experience

Overview: Using the Ribbon to Load a Model

Learn to load a model into your project!

How To: Load a Viking Family from the web

Learn how to load our families from the web