A New Approach to Revit® Families

Viking's redeveloped Revit® library allows you to access families at either a category level, a model level, or for a specific sprinkler ... including sprinkler type, orientation, temperature, and finish. Each .rfa file includes an accompanying .txt file containing current SKU level product details.


Optimized for Performance

Viking has optimized the visual representation of our Revit® families to provide an accurate 3D view of the sprinkler, while also removing unneeded visual detail, thus allowing for faster rendering and load times. This allows for a more precise representation in your BIM project and avoids over-burdening the Revit® model with unnecessary data.

Every Detail Considered

Viking's Revit® families also allow for customization of various instance parameters within the BIM project, including the sprinkler’s thread engagement with fittings, inclusion of an escutcheon, and deflector positioning. Also, when working in the Revit® plan view, the Viking families reference the appropriate sprinkler symbols, following the NFPA 170 Standard.


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